GHP - Biodiesel

Used Cooking Oils

In days of high feedstock prices the use of the most economical feedstock has become paramount!

Used Cooking Oils (UCO) is an alternative feedstock, collected at restaurants and large kitchens. Depending on the level of pre-treatment UCO come with high levels of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs), high levels of moisture or solid contaminations. Additionally, UCOs show stronger fluctuations of there properties, varying with the sample of restaurants collected and with yearly seasonality. This makes processing of UCO challenging.

GHP Biodiesel has ample experience using UCOs as an alternative feedstock from our own operations and we are ready sharing it with our future partners. GHPs Transesterification module is capable of handling up to 5% FFAs. An additional pre-esterification module is capable of handling FFAs with levels up to 10%.  

We see this experience as an important cornerstone for our success in the past and are ready sharing this experience in future projects. Consequently, GHP Biodiesel focuses on partnerships with UCO suppliers!