GHP - Biodiesel

Company | Strategy

GHP is a German based manufacturer of mid-sized bio-diesel installations. GHP Biodiesel started out as a producer of biodiesel in the – then nascent – German Biodiesel market. Out of our daily experience we developed our own technological approach to serve the market.


Midsized, decentralized bio-diesel projects: GHP Biodiesel is convinced that the future of Biodiesel lies in midsized projects which are based on proximity to feedstock and customers. “Buy Local, sell local” is the paradigm for such a project!

Integration of feedstock: we look for partners/ projects which offer long-term integration of feedstock ensuring sustainability through the integration of local feedstock supplies and the local biodiesel market!

Modularity is another key word in GHPs concept, meaning that once the market is build for a base volume a project should take the next step, grow to the next level only if the market can sustain long-term.

Standardization: GHP Biodiesel focuses on the roll-out of a pre-assembled standardized module of 25.000 tons capacity which is optimized for a container footprint.

Optimized for best economics: To ensure the economical viability of a project, it needs to be based on both reasonable investment cost and lowest operational costs possible. The first can be achieved through a high degree of standardization, the latter through a technology which is truly multifeed, robust, and optimized for low-cost production.